Transitioning your youth to college

TLH017: Transitioning Your Youth To College

The transition from Youth Ministry to life that follows is crucial for the longevity of your student’s faith.  How do you do that?

In today’s episode Shay Osborne shares from his experience working as a Youth Pastor, College Campus Missionary, and Pastor with practical help and direction on successfully transitioning your Youth to College.

Links mentioned:

TLH007: Why They Stay (Keeping Teens From Graduating From God)

Resources mentioned in this Podcast:

Concentric Circles of Concern: Seven Stages for Making Disciples

Gospel-Centred Life

In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • An essential step in preparing students before they leave your ministry
  • Practical steps to encourage students AFTER they leave your ministry
  • Examples of how to challenge college students to reach their campus


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