ministering to introverted students

TLH040: Ministering to Introverted Students

In ministry we are constantly finding ourselves ministering to many different types of people.  This seems especially true in youth ministry.

One group that is often lost in the mix are introverts.  Ministering to introverts brings a unique set of challenges.  Doing so effectively requires intentionality and thoughtfulness in every aspect of our ministries.

Added to this the fact that many youth pastors are closet introverts who feel the pressure to be an extrovert, and suddenly we find ourselves conflicted ourselves.  Everything around us seems to be aimed at and geared toward the extrovert making ministering to introverts even more difficult.

So how do we minister to the extrovert while effectively ministering to the introvert?

Today, Tim Gough, from sheds light on this topic bringing loads of thought-provoking wisdom.

So if you’re naturally an extrovert, this episode is HUGE for learning how to relate to the students within your group who are introverts.  If you’re an introvert, learning the differences between these two is crucial for you as well.

Tim also shares some about which is a treasure trove of amazing resources for the youth pastor and youth worker.

Regardless whether you’re an extrovert or a closet introvert, this episode is here to help.  Give it a listen for some great practical helps on ministering to introverts within your youth ministry.

Links mentioned:


Resources mentioned in this Podcast:

Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli

Youth For Christ Recourses

In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • What is an introvert really?
  • How can you be practically mindful of introverts within your youth ministry?
  • Do introverted or extroverted youth pastors seem to see greater longevity.

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