Fighting Pornography Addiction

TLH041: Fighting Pornography Addiction

Fighting pornography addiction is a battle not to be taken lightly.  If you’re in ministry it definitely affects you.  Whether in the lives of the teens you serve, their families, or maybe you’re own personal struggle.

It is in many cases the BIG secret that seems all too present in the lives of those we serve, and many times in those that are serving.  That there is no question that it is an epidemic.

The days of having to go look for pornography are long gone making fighting pornography addiction even more difficult.  With so many carrying around a smartphone with access to the interwebs and all of its perils we must guard our hearts and minds.

But, how do we fight pornography addiction?  How can one gain victory over it?

Today, David Martin, with I Am Second is back on the show to share his own personal journey as well as some helpful tips and resources with fighting pornography addiction.

So, if you’re fighting pornography addiction personally, or just helping those you serve, this episode is for you.  Give it a listen for some great practical helps on fighting pornography addiction within your youth ministry and in your own life personally.

Links mentioned:

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I Am Second

I Am Second – Students

Resources mentioned in this Podcast:


Convent Eyes – Get one month free

In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • What are the real dangers of pornography addiction
  • Why the Scripture you’re memorizing my not actually be helpful
  • Steps to take when fighting pornography addiction

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