Evangelistic Youth Ministry

TLH048: How to Foster an Evangelistic Youth Ministry

What does it take to see students in your youth ministry actively and consistently sharing their faith?

Getting students to live out and share their faith can be tough.  I mean let’s be real, getting them to see their schools as a mission field and notice the lost around them can be difficult.  Getting them to actually share the gospel?  Well, that’s another thing altogether.

In this episode Greg Stier from Dare2Share Ministries offers up a ton of wisdom.  In this interview you’ll learn the values that exist in an evangelistic youth ministry, what it means to be a gospel advancing youth ministry, and a REALLY cool event that Dare2Share is hosting to help you equip your students to share their faith.

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Resources mentioned in this Podcast:

21st Century Youth Ministry by Chap Clark

Firing Jesus by Greg Stier

Gospelize Your Youth Ministry by Greg Stier

In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • The MUST HAVE values to REALLY be an evangelistic youth ministry
  • What is means to be a Gospel Advancing Youth Ministry
  • The key to remaining passionate for your ministry over the longer haul


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