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TLH002: Youth Ministry App

Youth Ministry Tracker AppIn this episode you’ll hear from Kurt Libby, co-creator of the Youth Ministry Tracker App.  He shares his journey into Youth Ministry, why he built the app, how it works, and how it will help your Youth Ministry.

Congratulations to Terry Huey on winning the free download of the Youth Ministry Tracker App!


Youth Ministry Tracker App



Resources mentioned in this Podcast:

Youth Ministry Tracker App for iOS

Slack for helping you manage your team.

Trello for managing to-dos and tasks with your team.


In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • How Kurt went about building and creating an app
  • How to be more effective in following up and connecting with students

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  • Terry Huey

    This sounds awesome! I have given up on keeping names on wednesday nights, and just counted how many students were there. I think this would be just what we need, not just for mid-week but other events as well. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kurt Libby

      Hey Terry, I was in your boat as well. We had a spreadsheet that as it grew became less useful. We’ve been using YMT since August and it has totally changed our ability to track and care for students. Hope it helps you guys too!

      • Terry Huey

        Thanks Kurt.

  • This will definitely help you @terryhuey:disqus! Kurt did a great job with the app!

    • Kurt Libby

      Thanks Jody! And thanks for keeping up with the podcast. Great shows so far!

  • this would be a great way for me to help out the student ministry i currently volunteer with. We use a clunky computer/ and it does not work that well all the time. Internet/ computer reliablity issues. Thanks make this app Kurt It sounds like a great way to know who to follow up with after a given period of time.

    • Kurt Libby

      Hey Matt! We used a clunky computer too. Hope you love it and that it helps your ministry.

      • Matthew Hart

        well i hope I win. I don’t even have an iOS device so I will let the youth pastor use the license.