The Longer Haul in Youth Ministry Podcast

TLH001: Welcome to the Longer Haul Youth Ministry Podcast!

In this episode you’ll hear my personal journey into Youth Ministry, the best advice I have ever received in regards to ministry calling, and what to expect from future episodes of the podcast.  You’ll also hear a little of why The Longer Haul exists and why I’m launching the podcast.


The #1 Thing I Tell Those Who Want To Be A Youth Pastor

How I got here and why I stay

Items mentioned in this Podcast

  • Asthma Camp (yeah, for real, there really is an Asthma Camp.
  • The power of persistence and prayer in students.

In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • More about (me) Jody Livingston and why I’m in Youth Ministry
  • Why The Longer Haul exists
  • What is coming next…

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