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Top 25 Posts From the Last Year

Top 25I thought it would be helpful to share with you the top 25 posts of The Longer Haul.  These are not just the posts that have had the most views over the last year.  These are the top 25 posts that have had the most engagement and reads.

In other words, people read these like posts like crazy, more than any other posts (So they can’t be that bad.  You’ll probably like them.).

Five Things Parents Do Not Know About Youth Pastors

5 Ways to Connect Parents to Your Youth Ministry

Three Things Every Youth Pastor Hates to Hear

The #1 Thing I Tell People Who Want to be a Youth Pastor

Why Youth Pastors Leave Around the 2-3 Year Mark

Three Reasons to Stay in Your Current Ministry Position

When You Want to Stay But Can’t (Part 1)

When You Want to Stay But Can’t (Part 2)

Six Benchmarks in Your Ministry

Why Your Youth Ministry Numbers Do Not Matter

What is the Most Crucial Time For Students In Your Ministry?

My Sermon Preparation Process

Five Reasons You Should Teach Doctrine and Theology to Your Students

Four Truths About the Gospel You Must Teach Students

Two Dangers You Must Guard Against When Preaching

It Happened Again…And It Is Heartbreaking Every Time

When a Student is Messing Up

Four Events that Changed My Ministry Forever

Discipling Your Family Well

Be Intentional with Family Discipleship

Two Things That My Be Undermining Your Ministry

Why You Shouldn’t Strive to Impact Your Student’s Lives

5 “Five Minute Or Less” Things That = Big Results in Your Ministry

Equipping Your Team for Maximum Impact

Recruiter – Building the Team


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