Organized in Youth Ministry with Evernote

TLH039: Staying Organized in Youth Ministry with Evernote

Struggle with staying organized in youth ministry?  How can you keep track of everything without going crazy along the way?  How can you keep track of all those receipts?  Wait…anyone else struggle with losing these?  No?  Just me?  Oh, okay.

If you have been around the blog or the podcast for a day or two you probably know by now that I LOVE Evernote.  It literally keeps me sane…and employed.

Without question Evernote is the most used tool in my toolbox.  So as you can imagine, having the guru of Evernote on the podcast today makes me a bit giddy.

Today, Brett Kelly, creator of Evernote Essentials tells us how to use Evernote to help manage our ministries more effectively, and helps us with staying organized in youth ministry with Evernote.

And these aren’t your normal pointers, and are extremely helpful.  This episode will easily be one of the most practical and helpful of any to date on the podcast.

Brett also shares some about Evernote Essentials which in my opinion is a must have, and I would highly encourage you to grab it if you are able to do so.

Regardless whether being organized comes naturally to you or not, this episode is here to help.  Give it a listen for some great practical helps on staying organized in youth ministry with Evernote.

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Resources mentioned in this Podcast:

Evernote Essentials

Workflow iOS App

Receipt/Expense Workflow Recipe

In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • What the heck Evernote is and why you should be using it
  • How Evernote can save you time in ministry…and save your job 🙂
  • Advanced techniques and tips to streamline and stay organized even if you’re not by nature

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