Seasons in Youth Ministry

TLH014: Seasons in Youth Ministry

Want to be in your ministry for a long time?  You’ll need to know this.

In every Youth Ministry there are certain seasons that can be expected.  Knowing what these are and being prepared for them when they come can make or break you.  If you are not prepared for these when they come; you will find yourself looking for greener pastures quickly.

Regardless of whether you are new to Youth Ministry or a Youth Ministry veteran, you’ll benefit from knowing these six seasons in your ministry.

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Resources mentioned in this Podcast:

The Ministry of Nurture (How to build real-life faith into your kids)

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In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • What the key seasons are in your ministry so you can be prepared
  • What to look for and how to survive difficult points in ministry
  • When you can begin to REALLY evaluate your Youth Ministry

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  • Heath H

    We are in year 7 and you are spot on. We have seen a great group of leaders graduate but are now having to recast our vision and restructure some things. It almost feels like starting over! Prayers are greatly appreciated.

    • I know the feeling @heath_haney:disqus . It’s healthy to do so though. And this time you know what you’re doing…well almost right? 😉