Making Changes in Youth Ministry

TLH018: How to Make Changes Without Getting Fired

Change is inevitable.  Regardless of how long you’ve been serving where you are you will need to make changes in Youth Ministry.  This can certainly be tricky and there are tons of examples of how to do it poorly.  The question is then, how do you do that without royally ticking everyone off and getting yourself fired?

In today’s episode I’m giving you 5 keys to making changes in your Youth Ministry without getting fired.  These are easy, actionable items that are essential to making changes the right way.  The truth is, how you make the change is almost as important as the change your making.

Links mentioned:

Why Your Youth Ministry Numbers Are Seen As Success

Resources mentioned in this Podcast

Bruchko by Bruce Olson

In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • Essential keys to make changes successfully
  • Why waiting for 1 year to make changes isn’t really the magic pill
  • Why little changes can be worse than a big one

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