Building a great team

Building a Strong Youth Ministry Team

Building a great youth ministry teamHaving a Strong Youth Ministry Team Matters

Having a strong team matters in almost anything you do.  Regardless of the size of your church or ministry, you need a strong team around you.  Whether you want to admit it or not, you cannot do everything on your own…and you shouldn’t.  Go ahead, say it out loud, “I can’t do it all on my own.”  For some the reality of that is freeing.  For others it is paralyzing.  For all of us though it is the truth.

Maybe you know this, but aren’t sure where to start.  Maybe you’ve tried this, but didn’t seem to get any traction and gave up.  Maybe you have an all-star youth ministry team already.  Wherever you find yourself in the process it is always good to be reminded of the importance of your team.  Over the next few posts we will be looking at several aspects of building a strong youth ministry team, and practical steps to take to build, grow, and encourage your team.

This post serves as a table of contents so to speak for the posts that follow.    The topics  covered are:


  1. Do I really need a Youth Ministry Team?
  2. What are the most effective ways to recruit a Youth Ministry Team?
  3. What are ways that I can equip my Youth Ministry Team for maximum impact?
  4. How can I keep the members of my Youth Ministry Team serving for the long haul?


I would love to hear some things you are doing to build your team. Leave a comment below and share.

Also, check out my course on Building the All-Star Team for more detailed help.

What other topics surrounding a Youth Ministry Team would you like addressed?

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  • Eve

    love your ministry team photo. these people are obviously a happy lot! 🙂 I appreciate your humor.

    • Don’t all Youth Ministry teams look and dress like this? 😉