Change – “How to Kill the Sacred Cow”

Whether you are new in a ministry position or have been in your role for years, there comes a time to make change. Sometimes it is small changes that need to be made (tweaking curriculum, painting the room, etc.). Sometimes it is big changes that need to be made (the summer camp you go to, how you do small groups, etc.). Also, depending on the context, changes that would be seen as small in one ministry may be seen huge changes in another. While there are some people who love change, most people do not handle change well. How you …


Why You Shouldn’t Strive to Impact Your Student’s Lives

I have often said throughout my ministry “I want to have an impact on the students in my ministry.” I would imagine we all have. It sounds great and maybe it is correct.  Lately though I have been really thinking about this and I am not sure having an impact on our students is really what I want. Here is why:


Commitment – Keeping the Team

[This is a post in a series on Building a Strong Team.] Commitment from your team over the long-term is extremely important to the success of your ministry.  Having a consistent team over the years brings consistency to your ministry.  It also helps as you recruit new members to the team, because you are not starting from scratch every few years.  Many of the things we have discussed in building, recruiting, and training a team are also the things that help keep a team committed over the long haul.  If you are already doing those things you are well on your …


Training – Equipping Your Team for Maximum Impact

[This is a post in a series on Building a Strong Team.] By this point you have hopefully realized the need for a team around you and you have begun to recruit a strong team.  So where do you go from here?  Having a great team requires more than having great people.  A great team is well equipped for the task.  How do you go about training and equipping your team for maximum impact?  Here are three thoughts as you begin equipping your team:

Be a Recruiter

Recruiter – Building the Team

[This is a post in a series on Building a Strong Team.] So you know you need a team, but where do you start?  How do you find new team members?  The thought of being a recruiter may be a scary one for you.  If you intend to have a ministry of lasting impact and influence you must be a recruiter for your ministry.  Youth Ministry is by nature a transitional ministry.  Students transition into our ministry from the children’s ministry, go through our ministry, and then transition out of our ministry as they graduate.  Likewise your team will in some degree always be transitioning.  Therefore, …

The need for a team

The Need for a Team in Your Ministry

[This is a post in a series on Building a Strong Team.] You may realize the need for a team intuitively.  If you are like me however, knowing the need for a team and actually creating/having/using a team are very different things.  Confession: ” While I have always realized the need for a team in my ministry, I have struggled a lot to hand things over to a team.”  There is such a struggle for us to feel as though we have control. “If I am controlling it all then I can ensure it is done right!”  This sounds great, but the truth …