About me

Welcome to the Longer Haul!
I am Jody Livingston, the man behind the curtain so to speak.

If you a serve as a Youth Pastor or Youth Leader—or aspire to be—then this blog is for you.  Youth Ministry is not for the faint of heart.  Working with students can be challenging in so many ways, and if you have ever asked yourself:

  • How can I stay in Youth Ministry for the long haul?
  • How can I be more effective with my preaching and teaching?
  • How can I partner with parents and families better?
  • How can I build and equip a team of volunteers in my ministry?
  • Why does everyone care so much about why the chicken crosses the road? …wait, maybe not that one.
  • Or, if you just need encouragement to stay the course…

…You’re in the RIGHT place!


 About Jody Livingston

I am a Youth Ministry veteran of twenty years, and currently serve as the Youth Pastor of Kennesaw First Baptist Church, where I have served for the last eight years.  I help equip and encourage Youth Pastors through this blog and podcast The Longer Haul.  My passion is helping Youth Pastors create a ministry of longevity that they truly love.  I am the grateful husband of Sarah and the dad of Emma, Anna, Lizzy, and Jack.  I am a speaker, lover of vintage VW’s, and the owner of one “mostly white” VW Beetle.

What you find here will encourage, challenge, and spur you on further in pursuit of Jesus and the fulfilling of the calling He has placed on your life.  May we all finish well and stay in this for the Longer Haul!